About Us

MDL, short for My Destination Location, started with a feeling of soft sand, aqua water, and warm sunshine. True to our name, we take you to exotic locations throughout the world, hoping one day you will embark on your venture.

Both relaxing and conversational, we promise our products transport you to places we all envision and dream about.  Whether you are an avid traveler or not, place one of our products on and you will embark on a daydream journey to those wonderful destinations in your memory, or visualization

Our pleasing creative philosophy revolves around the idea of simplicity, soothing designs, relaxed feel, warm fabrics, and world tones incorporating lifelike destination visuals.

Each of our products is custom made, just for you.

Think of "My Destination Location" as an extension of "Your Destination" too.

When not traveling or daydreaming about places far away, our home base is located in beautiful New Smyrna Beach, Florida....a place we proudly call "My Destination Location"

(e) info@mydestinationlocation.com
(t) 386-456-4943